Here's What People Are Saying About SouthTrust Properties: 

"I listed my house with Jason Roberts and it sold in 16 days! I could not believe it sold so quickly - I know it was due to Jason's efforts and his knowledge of the real estate business. He also helped me with the purchase of my new home. Jason is trustworthy and honest. He is thorough and easy to work with and is always there to discuss any concerns and respond to questions. The selling and buying of homes can be stressful; however, Jason made it an enjoyable and gratifying experience."
Nancy Powell - Gainesville, FL

"Jason Roberts is a real estate and construction professional of the highest integrity. Jason is hard working, customer focused, and demands excellence in every product he delivers. We have been blessed to work with Jason as a seller's agent/broker, buyer's agent/broker and the general contractor for our family home. Matthew has enjoyed the bonus of working with Jason on real estate transactions in their respective professions. We have confidence in referring Jason for real estate transactions or construction needs, because we know Jason will always put the customer's needs first and work diligently to make their real estate dreams a reality." 
Matthew and Shannon Braddy - High Springs, FL

"There aren't enough words to describe Jasons professionalism, passion, knowledge, 24/7 effort, trustworthiness, guidance, care and business ethic as a realtor. For the man of the household he moves things forward constantly, in the most knowledgeable, professional manner. He guides you as a couple, but lets you make the final decision...and for the woman who loves and cares for her wonderful home that she is about to sell, he has the most compassion. He is there for you at any time, day or night. His focus and dedication make you feel like he is moving your sale forward every day and night. His communication is flawless and you as the seller or buyer always know the latest detail. He becomes your advocate, and is so dedicated. 
My husband and I couldn't think of anyone better to represent us in buying or selling a home. We have just had great success in selling our beautiful home (with Jason as our realtor) and purchasing our dream retirement home (with Jason as our realtor). We can't say enough about how professional, caring, knowledgable, etc., Jason was as our realtor. If you pass up the opportunity to use his services, you are missing the boat and one of the best people we have met."
The Hemphills - High Springs, FL 

"On behalf of my husband and myself, would like to express our thoughts and gratitude on a very special individual, Mr. Jason Roberts. A delightful young man, he radiates sincerity, professionalism, and honesty that surpass many we encountered over our careers (fields of education and medicine). Having bought and sold multiple homes in the last 15 years, never have our prior relators even remotely behaved with such solid and grounded understanding of their clients. His skills and abilities are directly responsible for the successful location of our fantastic retirement home and property. His ability to be even-tempered and understanding yet articulate, translated to a most capable individual whom we soon trusted (prior experiences make the latter something not easily realized). Jason quickly grasped the proposed desires and adeptly translated it to something appropriate, meaningful and creative yet kept the overall vision in mind. 
The public is not an easy lot to work with - we have desires and idiosyncrasies that often overwhelm or challenge most - Jason clearly uses his aforementioned traits, teaching experience (prior grade school teacher) and basic common sense to overcome and provide to the client's satisfaction. He far surpassed our expectations. We have become very fond of Jason and consider him a friend in our new home. Letters of this nature are only written when truly deserved." 
Edie Dozsa - CDR, NC, USN - Alachua, FL

"Jason provided excellent customer service and was a pleasure to work with through out the entire process of searching and buying our home. He was available and responsive when we wanted to look at homes and provided honest and practical insight before placing an offer. His knowledge of the market and expertise in real estate transactions made the entire process smooth from start to finish. With Jason's help we were able to purchase our dream home, at a competitive price, in a seller's market. We were extremely impressed with Jason and highly recommend his services!"
Amy McBride - Alachua, FL